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  State Facts
  Population: 670,053
  Law Enforcement Officers: 1,888
  State Prison Population: 5,167
  Probation Population: 8,517
  Violent Crime Rate National Ranking: 6
  2007 Federal Drug Seizures
  Cocaine: 29.8 kgs.
  Heroin: 2.9 kgs.
  Methamphetamine: 1.9 kgs.
  Marijuana: 187.7 kgs.
  Clandestine Laboratories: 10 (DEA, state, and local)

Top City in Alaska


Drug Addiction and Drug Addiction Treatment

Drug rehab centers are needed to help the ever growing problem of drug abuse in Alaska. The drug seizure statistics grow every year and have almost double in the last 5 years. Law enforcement is not going to get ahead of the problem until abusers start to get badly needed drug treatment referrals. If you or a loved one is caught in the grips of addiction call today for addiction help. We are her to help find a successful drug rehab program for your situation. Call 855-895-2315.

Drug Situation: Due to its close proximity to the Pacific Rim and shared border with Canada, Alaska is both a transshipment point for controlled substances to the continental United States and a consumer state. Historically, drug trends documented in the other states are eventually documented in Alaska. This includes the growing threat of methamphetamine, Ecstasy, GHB and other “Club Drugs” and the need for more quality addiction treament centers. Alaska has the highest per capita incident of alcoholism, rape, and suicide in the United States, some of it attributable to controlled substance abuse.

drug rehab / drug addiction - cocaineCocaine: Cocaine trafficking is increasing due to the extremely high price drug traffickers demand from their customers. For instance, one cocaine distributor purchased cocaine in the San Diego area for $13-$17,000 per kilogram, and sold it in Alaska for approximately $33-$35,000 per kilogram. Because of the substantial profit, cocaine smuggling to Alaska is likely to continue, and substance abuse will grow.

drug rehab / drug addiction - opium poppyHeroin: Heroin seized by the DEA has been Mexican black tar heroin for local distribution and use. Organizations and groups controlling the distribution are primarily Dominicans, and Mexican nationals play a less significant role in it. Heroin is the "drug of choice" among many entering drug rehab.


drug rehab / drug addiction - methamphetaminedrug rehab / drug addiction - Methamphetamine Lab SeizuresMethamphetamine: In 1999 local law enforcement officials in Alaska increased their focus on methamphetamine activities. Organized criminal groups smuggle methamphetamine into Alaska for re-distribution. Small “Mom & Pop” clandestine laboratories exist for personal consumption and non-organized criminal distribution cells. Methamphetamine abuse contributes to the need for drug addiction treatment in Alaska.

drug rehab / drug addiction - ecstasy pillsClub Drugs: MDMA (methylene-dioxy methamphetamine ), also known as Ecstasy, is a growing threat throughout the state. Prior to 1999, there were no reports or direct evidence of large quantities of MDMA in any form. In the recent past, MDMA seizures have increased dramatically. In 2007 309 dosage units were seized by federal agencies. In 2001, the Anchorage Police Department identified a source in Oregon that mailed 100 Ecstasy tablets to a student in Anchorage. The tablets were fronted (not paid for by the student) in hopes of establishing a market for the drug. In March 2000, Alaska’s largest MDMA seizure of 8,350 tablets occurred in Anchorage. The package was shipped via FedEx from Ontario, Canada. In September 2000, officials in China seized a shipment of 100,000 Ecstasy tablets destined for Anchorage. These tablets were a new variety of MDA, not MDMA; and is the largest identified shipment destined for Anchorage. A medical company in China was involved with supplying the illegal substances, which were destined for the U.S. domestic market. Club drug abuse is increasing and contributes to the need for more addiction treatment centers. Club drugs is a growing problem in the club scene in states and Alaska isn't immune to it.

drug rehab / drug addiction - marijuana plantMarijuana: Marijuana is the most abused and widespread illegal drug in Alaska. With over 187 kilograms seized in 2007 by federal agencies up from 14.6 in 2001. Local law enforcement can only estimate the extent of marijuana abuse because less than 5% of the marijuana in Alaska is grown outdoors. This makes detection much more difficult. In 1998 Alaska was one of the five leading indoor grow states in the United States, along with California, Florida, Oregon, and Kentucky. Proposition 5, the bill legalizing marijuana in Alaska, did not pass in the November 2000 statewide election.

drug rehab / drug addiction - Drug-Violation Arrests by DEAOther Drugs: The diversion of various controlled substances regulated by prescription is growing. Alaska is one of the top five purchasing states for five of the top twelve diverted drugs, to include Fentanyl, D-Amphetamine, Oxycodone, Methadone and Meperidine. Benzodiazepine is also widely abused. Internet purchases of controlled substances, from both domestic and international sites, are on the rise .

DEA Mobile Enforcement Teams: This cooperative program with state and local law enforcement counterparts was conceived in 1995 in response to the overwhelming problem of drug-related violent crime in towns and cities across the nation. There have been 348 deployments completed resulting in 14,794 arrests of violent drug criminals as of June 2002.

More Addiction Treatment Centers Needed:

As the abuse of illegal drugs and the illegal use of prescription drugs continues to increase, the need for addiction treatment centers continues to grow. The statistics show and increasing problem with cocaine, meth, heroin and now an even bigger problem with marijuana.

Information provided by DEA.gov

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