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  State Facts
  Population: 2,844,658
  Law Enforcement Officers: 6,508
  State Prison Population: 19,996
  Probation Population: 15,791
  Violent Crime Rate
  National Ranking:
  2001 Federal Drug Seizures
  Cocaine: 82.1 kgs.
  Heroin: 3.2 kgs.
  Methamphetamine: 1.5 kgs.
  Marijuana: 1,143.3 kgs.
201 (DEA, state, and local)

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Substance Abuse and Substance Abuse Treatment

Drug Situation: The drug threat in Mississippi is two-fold. The state is a major transshipment point for bulk quantities of illegal drugs from the Southwest Border to points north and east. Mississippi is also experiencing an increase in methamphetamine manufacture, which is a significant concern of law enforcement and a significant contributor to the increase in those seeking drug addiction treatment. The central location of Mississippi is ideal for drug traffickers from Chicago, Detroit, Miami, and elsewhere to meet wholesale suppliers and purchase drugs. North Mississippi receives much of its supply of drugs from the Memphis, Tennessee area. In addition, the violent crime associated with drug activity is the number one concern of the citizens of the state.

drug rehab / drug addiction - cocaineCocaine: Cocaine, which is being distributed and abused throughout Mississippi, is the most problematic, high-threat drug for communities and law enforcement. There is often a direct connection between the use or sale of cocaine and crime, especially violent crime. Street gangs in Mississippi, such as the “Vice Lords,” the “Wood Street Players,” and the “Four Corner Hustlers,” are known to be heavily involved in the trafficking and distribution of cocaine, primarily crack cocaine. Cocaine distribution in Mississippi is primarily controlled by African-American gangs and independent traffickers. However, along the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, Vietnamese gangs control some of the cocaine trade. Texas is the primary source state for cocaine found in Mississippi. Cocaine is normally transported to Mississippi via private and commercial vehicles on the interstate highways, often secreted inside hidden compartments.

drug rehab / drug addiction - opium poppyHeroin: Heroin is currently not a problem drug or drug of choice among the majority entering drug rehab centers in Mississippi. Heroin seen in Mississippi is normally that seized in highway interdiction stops en route to large cities in the north and east such as Chicago or Atlanta. On December 16, 2001, 7.5 pounds of Mexican brown heroin were seized on Interstate 55 in Madison County, Mississippi. The heroin was being smuggled from New Orleans to Chicago. On May 1, 2002, a pound of Mexican black-tar heroin was seized during a traffic stop on Interstate 20, near Vicksburg, Mississippi. The heroin was being transported from Dallas to Asheboro, NC.

drug rehab / drug addiction - Methamphetamine Labs Seizeddrug rehab / drug addiction - methamphetamineMethamphetamine: The recent increase in methamphetamine manufacture, importation, use, and addiction is of great concern throughout Mississippi. Methamphetamine has become a popular drug of abuse, primarily among the poor to middle-class Caucasian population and reported to be the drug of choice among a great number entering addiction treatment centers. Small (gram-quantity) “Nazi-method” methamphetamine labs, using the chemical anhydrous ammonia and cold pills, are now frequently encountered by law enforcement throughout Mississippi, mostly in rural communities. The increase in meth manufacturing is being driven by a growing addiction to meth and by the high profit margins realized from its manufacture. Larger (pound) quantities of methamphetamine are being transported into Mississippi via vehicle or commercial package services (e.g., FED EX, UPS) primarily originating from sources in California and Texas. A total of 52.22 kilograms of methamphetamine have been seized in highway interdictions so far during FY-02 (to May 16, 2002). Methamphetamine “ICE,” which is normally more than 90% pure and highly addictive, is now being distributed in Mississippi.

drug rehab / drug addiction - ecstasy pillsClub Drugs: Club drugs are popular in Mississippi among a select group, primarily middle-to-upper-class young adult Caucasians. The most popular Club Drug is MDMA “ecstasy.” Ecstasy is normally being sold in small quantities and used as a party drug at local nightclubs and near or on college campuses. Ecstasy abuse has received a lot of attention in Mississippi since a 17-year-old female of Corinth, MS died from an ecstasy overdose in April 2001. There are no known large “rave” clubs in Mississippi like those found in New Orleans. LSD, primarily imported from California, is popular among a few in the young adult Caucasian community. However, it is not often encountered by law enforcement. GHB and Ketamine are not currently known to be widely available or popular in Mississippi.

drug rehab / drug addiction - marijuana plantMarijuana: Marijuana is being regularly sold and used by some from all ethnic and socioeconomic groups in Mississippi. The marijuana being distributed and used in Mississippi is primarily from Mexico. It is being smuggled across the Mexico-Texas border and then being transported in private and commercial vehicles on the Interstate highways. Also, there is a large amount of locally grown marijuana available in Mississippi. Loads of marijuana, destined for large cities in the Northeast and East, are often seized on Mississippi Interstate Highways 20, 10, 55, and 59. Seized loads range from an average of 50 pounds in passenger vehicles to 1,000 pound loads hauled in commercial trucks.

drug rehab / drug addiction - Drug-Violation ArrestsOther Drugs: In Mississippi, the diversion of prescription drugs occurs mostly at the retail level through forged or altered prescriptions and through doctor shopping. Illicitly diverted prescription drug abuse occurs in all racial and socioeconomic groups. Popular abused pharmaceutical drugs include Oxycontin, Xanax, Valium, Vicodin, Dilaudid, and Lortab. Also, large quantities of these prescription drugs are being obtained illegally in Mexico or in Texas border towns such as Laredo. The prescription drug “Oxycontin” – a schedule II pain relief medicine – is currently popular and is being abused by some in Mississippi for its heroin-like sedative effect. Fourteen people have died of Oxycontin overdoses in Mississippi, beginning with a 15-year-old girl from Simpson County who died on November 28, 2000.

DEA Mobile Enforcement Teams: This cooperative program with state and local law enforcement counterparts was conceived in 1995 in response to the overwhelming problem of drug-related violent crime in towns and cities across the nation. There have been 359 deployments completed resulting in over 14,456 arrests of violent drug criminals as of April 1, 2002. There have been seven MET deployments in Mississippi: Jackson (2), Hancock County, Greenville, Hattiesburg, Gulfport, and Grenada, leading to 136 arrests.

Special Topics: Large amounts of U.S. Currency (USC) representing proceeds from drug trafficking is being seized on Mississippi interstate highways. The currency is predominantly found in private and commercial vehicles heading westbound on Interstates 10 and 20. So far this fiscal year (October 01, 2001 – May 16, 2002), a total of $2,455,976.00 has been seized in Mississippi through highway interdiction stops. This large amount of cash resulting from drug sales in the east is being transported to recipients in Texas and Mexico. Mississippi ranks second to Las Vegas in the United States for casino square footage. There are some 30 gambling casinos located along the Mississippi River and Gulf Coast. Drug traffickers in Mississippi, and probably other adjoining states, are known to use these casinos to launder drug proceeds. Also, dealers often claim that their cash and possessions came from casino gambling.

Drug Addiction Treatment is Necessary:

Increased law enforcement efforts attempt to address the concerns of citizens regarding the substance abuse problem in Mississippi. While necessary, law enforcement efforts alone are not enough to address the problem. As the number of addicted individuals grows, so must the number of quality drug rehab centers. Drug addiction treatment is needed to return addicted individuals who participate in criminal activities, to productive citizens with much to offer their state.

Information provided by DEA.gov

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