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  State Facts
  Population: 4,012,012
  Law Enforcement Officers: 10,269
  State Prison Population: 22,056
  Probation Population: 44,929
  Violent Crime Rate
  National Ranking:
  2001 Federal Drug Seizures
  Cocaine: 126.8 kgs.
  Heroin: 6.2 kgs.
  Methamphetamine: 4.6 kgs.
  Marijuana: 4,283.8 kgs.
8 (DEA, state, and local)

Top 6 cities in South Carolina

Mount Pleasant Town
Rock Hill
North Charleston

Drugs and Addiction Treatment Centers

Drug Situation: South Carolina is both a transit state and a distribution area for illicit drugs in the eastern United States and, for this reason, the need for more addiction treatment centers continues to grow. Various criminal groups, outlaw motorcycle gangs, street gangs, and local independent dealers transport drugs into South Carolina for distribution in other states. Most drugs are transported into the state via private and commercial vehicles. The state sits at a key junction of three major interstate highways that straddle the eastern United States. The close proximity to Atlanta makes South Carolina a natural distribution point for Atlanta based drug traffickers. Cocaine, particularly crack cocaine, continues to pose the most serious threat to South Carolina, however, methamphetamine is making significant inroads in the state. Heroin constitutes a low threat to South Carolina, and availability and abuse are concentrated in urban areas and coastal regions of the state. The state has a significant problem with OxyContin abuse and its diversion facilitated by doctors associated with pain management clinics.

drug rehab / drug addiction data - cocaineCocaine: The primary drug of abuse in the State of South Carolina is cocaine hydrochloride, and its derivative cocaine base (crack). Many of the violent crimes in the state are directly associated with the distribution and abuse of cocaine HCL and crack. Multi kilogram cocaine investigations and seizures are common place throughout the state. Cocaine and/or crack addiction are noted most often as the primary concern of individuals seeking drug addiction treatment.

drug rehab / drug addiction data - opium poppyHeroin: While heroin is present in South Carolina it is not considered a significant threat in the state although some people entering drug rehab centers list it as their primary drug of choice. Most of the users are concentrated in urban areas and coastal regions in the state. According to the South Carolina Department of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Services, heroin-related treatment admissions to publicly funded addiction treatment centers decreased from 421 in FY 1997 to 356 in FY 1998, then increased to 501 in FY2001.

drug rehab / drug addiction data - methamphetaminedrug rehab / drug addiction data - Methamphetamine Labs SeizedMethamphetamine: Methamphetamine trafficking in South Carolina is a significant threat to the state. Production and abuse in the state are increasing as are the number of people seeking addiction treatment centers for methamphetamine addiction. DEA Columbia has had a number of methamphetamine cases resulting in multi-pound quantities being seized. The primary traffickers of methamphetamine are Mexican immigrants both legal and illegal.

drug rehab / drug addiction data - ecstasy pillsClub Drugs: Ecstasy (MDMA) is readily available in several cities in South Carolina, predominantly in the population centers of Greenville and Columbia and those cities along the state’s coastal area. During the past year there has been a significant increase in Ecstasy distribution throughout the state, with traffickers operating out of the state capitol in Columbia distributing a significant portion of the Ecstasy sold. The number of individuals seeking drug rehab centers for the abuse of drugs like ecstasy has increased. Recent data indicates that Atlanta has become a significant hub for MDMA distribution in South Carolina. Law Enforcement agencies are attempting to infiltrate organizations distributing Ecstasy, but are hampered by the cost of Ecstasy currently available on the street. There have been increasing incidents of LSD distribution and abuse, as well as incidents of Rohypnol and Ketamine appearing in entertainment clubs in communities along the coast and upstate.

drug rehab / drug addiction data - marijuana plantMarijuana: Marijuana is the most prevalent illegal drug of abuse in South Carolina, with Mexico the most common source location. Marijuana from Mexico is imported through California and Texas by traffickers using vehicles, tractor-trailers, commercial air, buses, and trains, as well as commercial package shipping companies. In addition to the marijuana brought into the state from Mexico and other locations, there is a smaller amount of domestic marijuana cultivation taking place within South Carolina because of the recent unfavorable growing conditions. Members of the South Carolina National Guard routinely eradicate small patches of outdoor marijuana, but currently operate under manpower, equipment, and funding limitations.

Other Drugs: OxyContin is a significant threat to the state. There is widespread abuse of the drug commonly diverted via pain management clinics, forged, stolen or altered prescriptions as well as by doctor shopping – visiting numerous physicians to obtain drugs in excess of what should be legitimately prescribed – and through theft from pharmacies, nursing homes and private residences. According to public health officials in the state, OxyContin abuse is increasing in South Carolina. From January 1 to May 22, 2002, there were 181 OxyContin-related treatment admissions to publicly funded facilities, more than the total number of admissions in the previous year. In FY2001 there were 177 OxyContin abuse-related drug addiction treatment admissions in the state, a dramatic increase from a single admission in FY2000.

drug rehab / drug addiction data - Drug-Violation ArrestsDEA Mobile Enforcement Teams: This cooperative program with state and local law enforcement counterparts was conceived in 1995 in response to the overwhelming problem of drug-related violent crime in towns and cities across the nation. There have been 359 deployments completed resulting in over 14,456 arrests of violent drug criminals as of April 1, 2002. There have been four MET deployments in the state of South Carolina since the inception of the program: Greenville, Dillon, and two in Spartanburg. These deployments resulted in 187 arrests and the seizure of 8.3 pounds of cocaine; 17.5 pounds of crack cocaine; 0.1 pounds of heroin; 0.3 pounds of marijuana; and 12.1 pounds of methamphetamine. Also seized were 22 weapons, 26 vehicles, 3 residences, 1 business, and over $491,000 in U.S. currency and property.

Information provided by DEA.gov


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