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  State Facts
  Population: 754,844
  Law Enforcement Officers: 1,415
  State Prison Population: 2,716
  Probation Population: 3,461
  Violent Crime Rate National Ranking: 46
  2001 Federal Drug Seizures
  Cocaine: 0 kgs.
  Heroin: 0 kgs.
  Methamphetamine: 3.5 kgs.
  Marijuana: 2.9 kgs.
  Clandestine Laboratories: 17 (DEA, state, and local)

Top 2 cities in South Dakota

Rapid City
Sioux Falls

Drugs and Drug Rehab Centers

Drug Situation: Methamphetamine abuse of methamphetamine continues to affect the rural areas, as well as the urban areas, throughout the state of South Dakota. This increased use and demand for methamphetamine has continued over the past year. Methamphetamine abuse has come to the attention of the public through an increasingly aware media, informed public officials from the local to national level, and concerned citizens. Public efforts are underway by law enforcement, politicians, social service agencies and the media to further educate the public as to the dangers of methamphetamine abuse. In addition, marijuana is readily available in all areas of South Dakota. It continues as the most abused of the illegal controlled substances. In addition, the controversial issue of “hemp” remains a high profile topic. For these and other reasons, more drug rehab centers are needed.

drug rehab / drug addiction data - cocaineCocaine: Cocaine HCl is readily available throughout all parts of South Dakota. While the availability of crack cocaine is increasing in eastern South Dakota, crack abuse is still limited in western sections of the state. The cocaine is obtained from Mexican sources in Sioux City, Iowa; Kansas City, Missouri; and California. In addition some distributors in Rapid City, South Dakota, obtain cocaine from sources in the Denver area. Cocaine abuse and crack abuse account for an increasing number of individuals seeking drug addiction treatment.

drug rehab / drug addiction data - opium poppyHeroin:Heroin is typically available only in personal use quantities in South Dakota and is reported by some to be the drug of choice or to be used as well as other drugs by some upon entry to addiction treatment centers.


drug rehab / drug addiction data - Methamphetamine Labs Seizeddrug rehab / drug addiction data - methamphetamineMethamphetamine: The availability of Mexican methamphetamine continues to increase throughout South Dakota. Methamphetamine in eastern South Dakota is obtained from sources in Sioux City, Iowa, or from sources in western states such as Texas, Arizona, and California. Methamphetamine is distributed locally by either long-time Caucasian residents or Hispanic males who have recently moved to South Dakota. Mexican methamphetamine in western South Dakota is primarily shipped directly from cities such as Denver, Phoenix, San Francisco, and San Diego using Fed Ex or UPS. Small toxic labs have steadily increased over the last few years. Local lab operators are obtaining chemicals at local hardware stores, truck stops, and department stores. Production capabilities of these small labs are usually less than one ounce. The stealing of anhydrous ammonia fertilizer from farm supply stores and farmers has also emerged as a serious problem in this agricultural state. Methamphetamine abuse is the most significant problem for many seeking drug addiction treatment.

drug rehab / drug addiction data - ecstasy pillsClub Drugs:MDMA (Ecstasy) in eastern South Dakota is limited but appears to be increasing. MDMA is more readily available in western portions of South Dakota, however, the number of rave parties remains stable. Law enforcement in Nebraska, South Dakota, western Kansas and in Carbondale, Illinois, all report limited availability of LSD.



photo - marijuana plantMarijuana: Marijuana is readily available throughout South Dakota. Multi-hundred pound quantities are transported into the state from the southwest border of the United States. Smaller quantities are also shipped via express mail services or purchased from Hispanic males in the Sioux City area and driven back to Sioux Falls. Higher purity marijuana is produced in indoor grow operations in the Sioux Falls area, which typically contain less than 100 plants. Larger indoor operations have been found in the Rapid City area in western South Dakota, ranging from a few plants to several hundred. During the past two years, members of the Oglala Sioux Tribe have attempted to plant fields of “hemp” on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. On November 5, 2002, South Dakota voters will vote on a ballot initiative which reads: “Any person may plant, cultivate, harvest, possess, process, transport, sell or buy industrial hemp (cannabis) or any of its by-products with a tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content of one percent or less.” Marijuana is reported as a drug of choice or a drug used in combination with other drugs by individuals entering drug rehab centers.

Other Drugs: According to the South Dakota Department of Health, hydrocodone products, codeine, and Darvocet-N are the most popular abused pharmaceutical substances in the state. They are obtained by forged prescriptions and by phony call-ins. The abuse of pharmaceutical substances accounts for an increasing number of individuals seeking drug addiction treatment.

drug rehab / drug addiction data - Drug-Violation ArrestsDEA Mobile Enforcement Teams: This cooperative program with state and local law enforcement counterparts was conceived in 1995 in response to the overwhelming problem of drug-related violent crime in towns and cities across the nation. There have been 348 deployments completed resulting in 14,794 arrests of violent drug criminals as of June 2002.

Drug Addiction Treatment Necessary:

As the problem of drug addiction continues to grow, it is evident that more effective drug addiction treatment programs delivered at qualified addiction treatment centers is needed.

Information provided by DEA.gov


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